20 Things to Visualize with 1 Pic Love Money Sex Relationship Success More…

Visualizing things you want to have IRL (in real life)

Visualization is a powerful method to attract things that you want to have but don't know exactly what to do to get it.

Love, money, good relationships, successful career, beauty, wealth, respect, and many other things are among those that many people want to get and work hard on it but they just don't happen when the person believes they should happen.

It's hard to understand why someone else who is apparently not smarter or prettier or better in some other ways seem to get what they want while they don't work harder or do anything significantly different than those who seem to do all that as well but their works are not getting the same results.

What are the reasons for different people to get different results?

There are many reasons why these different outcomes are the results of seemingly similar actions and while people's understanding of this phenomenon varies greatly due to their personal traits, skills, talents, abilities, education, experiences, backgrounds and other things many people agree that certain things like attitude, lifestyle and everyday habits are important when it comes to determining the reasons for this defferences.

Can visualizing things give us what we want in a shorter time?

It takes a rather long time to get an education in your chosen field and become professional, it takes a long time and hard work to change things you are used to do on a regular basis that became your habits, changing your lifestyle is also not a very simple thing.

But we often want to change things, make them better, accomplish different goals, get more money, have more fun, visit more places of interest, meet more people, meet a boyfriend or girlfriend and so forth.

Is there anything we can do so that we can use our education that we already have and the skills that we have already learned and even before we meet somebody new who can become our boyfriend or girlfriend and accomplish something without having to wait until we complete a long course of a new study or work for many years and become professional in a certain field.

I don't know whether this is possible 100% the same for everybody but many people say that visualization method is the one that can help with this and visualizing a particular thing that you want to acquire can be effective and it can bring the results you want in less time than what it may take otherwise if you don't apply this method.

If you want to try this technique you may start with the picture here and decide if it is something you want to implement on a regular basis.

Here are a few things this picture can help you visualize.

20 things you can visualize with 1 picture

  1. Love
  2. Money
  3. Wealth
  4. Sex
  5. Friendship
  6. Good relationship
  7. Meeting new friends
  8. Meeting a new boyfriend
  9. Meeting a new girlfriend
  10. Improving social skills
  11. Improving your relationship
  12. Getting married
  13. Become successful
  14. Become famous
  15. Getting respect
  16. Looking beautiful
  17. Have your ideal weight
  18. Have a good hair day
  19. Have a good day
  20. Meeting new people

Visualize money love sex success relationship

Let us know if you try this and if you think visualizing technique is useful to help you achieve your goals.


Top Elecric Scooters Foldable Fast Fantastic videos

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How to cashout. Is fanbox.com scam, spam, fraud or not? Do they pay for blogs? Questions, Answers.

How to cashout/cash out on fanbox?
Is fanbox.com a really paying site?
How to get cash from fanbox?
Is fanbox scam, fraud or do they pay real money for blogs?
Does fanbox pay cash and send you checks/cheques?
How can I get money from fanbox?
How do I get my money from this site?

All these questions and more are posted by people who are members/users of the fanbox.com
web site and all they want is to get the money that they think they earned by having a blog
or several blogs on fanbox.com that they write on. These blogs are a part of their fanbox.com account and a part of the fanbox web site and according to the fanbox promises that they prominently have published
right on their home page the fanbox will pay these bloggers for the time that other people spend
on visiting their blogs.

I have found a lot of complains all over the internet from different people that talk about
fanbox being a spam engine that sends people lots of emails trying to make them sign up
for a fanbox.com account. Apparently those emails don't give a clear explanation about
how they got the email address of the person receiving it nor do they have a clear statement
about how to stop those emailings.
The email addresses of those recipients made it on the fanbox.com email list when the
unsuspecting new users of the fanbox trustfully provided fanbox with the information necessary
to access their personal email address book and everyone of their friends and their brother
became a prospect for the fanbox.com email campaign.

So far no evidence has been found of any real fanbox.com member receiving any actual real payments
in the form of check/cheque or by any other means from the fanbox.com website. The customer service
representative in downtown San Diego, California readily explains that yes, all you have to do to start
earning money on the fanbox.com website is start a blog, add some content to it and you are on your way
to your first check from the fanbox. From the day you accumulate $25 on your account for the visits
to your blog you're just 75 days away from your first cashout request and the check should arrive
to your real mail box shortly after that.

On the fanbox.com web site however, I have not found any member that would say yes, I have received
the checks/cheques for my blogs and would show a clear way to the successful procedure of requesting a check.
Lots of members have well over $25 in fanbox money in their accounts and the blogger leader board
on the fanbox.com homepage shows earnings as high as $5000 and more while the site itself is well older
than 75 days with the paying blogging platform being in place for at least one year according to the words
of the customer service representative of the company.

The confused fanbox.com members questions about those unreceived promised payments are posted
all over the fanbox web site in their everyday communications through the friends walls, friends news feeds,
forums, pictures comments, comments on the forum posts or anywhere where it's possible to do so.

None of those posts received a helpful answer on the cash-out procedure from the fellow members/ users of the site or the fanbox support/ customer service department. The forum or help desk doesn't get much attention from anyone who works for the fanbox and should have the right information.
A few answers posted on the forum/ help desk by the moderators or fanbox employees are not at all useful to say the least, they consist vague meaningless statements repeated in slightly different ways with the same lack of real information with the addition of links to the same answerless forum/ help desk that they are posted on. Some of those links lead nowhere, they are simply broken.

So the questions about how to get money/ cash earned for blogs, how to request a check/ cheek, how to cashout on fanbox still have not been answered.

The fanbox.com is a social network site that receives well over 1,5 million views/visits a month with the
absolute majority of users located in the Mid. East and is owned by the company located in San Diego, CA.
The membership is free as well as an option of having more than one blog on the site with the potential
to earn money.
Other options that require a payment include various apps (applications) on the site and/or advertising
a user's blog for more exposure to other members on the fanbox.com web site.
Other names associated with the same company are sms.com, funbox.com, mobileguard.com.

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good relationship as marriage email offer. long distance relationship example letter

This is email I have received recently.
It can be a beginning of a friendship or intimate relationship,
that may even become a reason for marriage one day,
however the person lives far away and I don't think I can take this offer.

The email is from someone who just had my email address and has never
seen me or my picture. We don't have any mutual friends either so I'm not
offending anyone by posting this offer here.
May be it can help you to write a love letter to somebody but you
can guess it's NOT a serious suggestion.

This is a read only, no reply message. I decided to not post the email address
of the sender.


HI Dearest

First of all, Best compliments of the day to you in your home country from my side by heart. Dear I received your message on my ****.com address and very pleasure to read it.
Now dear I want to tell you some things about myself which I think is very necessary for you to believe on me at this stage. First of all I tell you I am a very responsible, honest, caring, loving, open minded and hard working person. My time is very precious for me and I don’t want to kill it. Professionally I am an MBBS Doctor and doing job in a well renowned Pakistani Govt. Hospital as a Senior Professor Doctor. Also with this job I am running my medical clinic and a Marriage Hall near my home. Because of this profession you can think how am I spending busy life. For this I start to search my love one on internet. When I see your profile on net, it really touches my heart and automatically I send an offer to you for friendship. I really very happy to read your message and helpless to think that I choose a nice person for life communication.

Now I want to tell you that if you want to make a good relationship as marriage with me then it’s my responsibility to care and help you in all respect in your life. I will give you love on your trust. I also new user on net that’s why don’t mind if you feel any mistake in my words. Dear I am a land load and very responsible and honest citizen of my country. I don’t like those people who do fraud and cheating to others and as a result I hope you will keep sincere relationship with me. These are some main principles of my life which I want to tell you.
Now if you are agree to maintain good relationship as marriage with me then I am ready to give you respect in all respect. I shall wait urgently your reply. Some other fact about my life is given below;

Name: Dr. Someone's Name
Profession: MBBS, MD
Status: as single
Cell#: +**-********
I shall wait urgently your reply. Some other
Thanks and regards
Dr. Someone's Name
From Pakistan
my yahoo messenger id dr.Someone's Name@yahoo.com as same on msn only add @hotmail.com.this address is same for email


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Can you kiss on a first date? Or should you wait and wait? Girls and boys little question almost solved.

Is it really a small question or a big one?
Can you kiss a girl or a woman on a first date. Can you kiss a boy or
a man on a first date?

You can of course, if no other option is an option.
You can kiss if you must, but you may also go on a second date first
and on a third date second...

A lot of people kiss on a first date and a lot of people would want to
kiss on a first date. Sometimes people don't kiss on a first date
because they are not sure if the other person wants to do it also,
and sometimes they think it's not a proper behavior but they are not
sure why.

There are emotional and physical reasons why you may decide not to
kiss on the first date. One of the reasons may be that you don't know
if the other person can fulfill your expectations of being a good
friend / girlfriend / boyfriend / or a partner and you don't want to
be disappointed if you discover that he or she can not after you
kiss, because kissing means to you that you are friends or partners.

Another reason is that if you don't know the person too well you may
not even know if he or she has a cold and you may catch a bug.

So if you think you should kiss on a first date you should try and
discover it for yourself, or you may as I said in the beginning try to
go on a second date first...

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scam email/fake check LOL original crap. Western Union Worldwide fanancial offer to avoid

This is an unchanged piece, the e mailing
that showed up in my inbox with the subject : Greeting.

Totally original authentic unadulterated undiluted unedited precisely
copied carefully pasted pure real scam email.
Please bookmark this crap for future reference, for it is real aka not
fake piece of ' cruft'.

If you have friends do them a favour and share this rare find by using
a handy facebook button below.

Most importantly don't apply this as a email template because of
course all rights are reserved All Right.

If you LOL do it in a good company, share the wealth.


--- On Sun, 12/5/10, Westernunion Worldwide
<westernunionworldwide96@yahoo.com> wrote:

From: Westernunion Worldwide <westernunionworldwide96@yahoo.com>
Subject: Greeting:
To: ------myemailaddress-----@gmail.com
Date: Sunday, December 05, 2010

BATCH NO: I.M.F/009842/07.
FAX (706)863-2675
REF. NO: IMF/1282884/2010

Dear Beneficiary:
After today Meeting with Government of Ministry of Finance Republic
due Ghana today they have decided to finalize all the Compensations
payment inheritance funds with you this year 2010, and now we have
arranged your payment of ($13,000.00) thirteen thousand united state
dollars of your Cashier check Compensations to be sent to you through
western union money transfer payment:

Your payment will sending to you by western union, the amount you will
receive per day is $9,000.00,first one and second $4,000 two time per
a day.

The minister trust funds of Benin Republic will send you the currently
standards track details you need to pick up your first payment by
western union, you will receive every day till you receive your
Compensations $13,000.00 united state dollars, now no need to send you
this Cashier check because United State Government complain bitterly
that there is many fake check coming from Africa, and for that Our
Government decided to paid all Compensations payment inheritance funds
Beneficiary through Western Union
Money Transfer payment.

The Director Administrator Ministry of Finance trust funds have
already signed your payment, now you are free to comply with payment
office on
this E-mail:( westernunionworldwide96@yahoo.com) however,
kindly contact the below person who is in position to release your
payment by western union $13, 000.00 per a day.

Mr:Alex Harrison.
The financial western union payment canter has been mandated to issue
out your payment and you have to stop any further communication with
those Scam or office(s) to avoid any hitches in receiving your
Note that the administrator payment
need this details from you to process your payment:

Receiver name---------------
Test question---------------
Copy of your Id.....................

Comply now because as soon as you sent this required details to
Mr Alex Harrison, he will start sending your payment by western union
Everyday $9,000.00 times two which
is $13,000 per day .

Dr.Frank Edmond( MD Eco bank)
Director Ministry of Finance Republic due Ghana.

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western union, office, world wide, trust funds, transfer, Worldwide, avoid

Can you eat potato skin? Not if you want to skip the vitamins.

There is only so many choices: yes no never always.

Some people never eat potato skin.
Some people always eat potato skin.
I like to eat potato skin so I did a little reading and researching and found plenty of positive answers, supportive evidence and a lot of opinions that yes in fact you can, and actually should, eat that skin of the tater and not question your desires.

So to start I scrub the potato with a brush that I have for fruit and veggie washing purposes and make it real clean, the very thin top layer of the skin gets washed off with this technique and the potato looks much lighter after that and kinda says: now I'm clean, please enjoy your cooking.
After that I cut it into cubes or slices depending on my current artistic taste and just boil it till it gets ready and soft.
I also like to cook potatoes together with yam and or carrots, it then becomes pleasantly sweetened by those orange pals and perfect in it's basic nature.
Once done, I just eat it straight like that or if in the mood for complexity, mix it with pretty much anything that comes to mind and out of my fridge.

The skin of potatoes evidently contains lots of nutrients/phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals well alone with pesticides if not organic but scrubbing with a brush helps to remove the very outer layer of the skin leaving the rest of it in place.
Of course I think organic is better but sometimes I even use potato with the skin if it happens to be not organic, it should be brushed harder though to remove most of the top layer, and in any case I would remove any imperfections from the potato or the potato skin.

I eat it raw sometimes, without the skin as I'm not sure on the toxicity subject of this matter, and not in considerable amounts, more like just a snack. Although it's probably also OK, I just stick to the very small snack portions if eating raw potatoes on a rare occasion.

If the potatoes are kept for too long and exposed to light they may sprout or turn green. That makes them not suitable for eating due to the toxic qualities of the potatoes in that state of being. Also the little spots called potato eyes should not be eaten for the same toxicity concern. Although it probably takes a large amount of those to produce a noticeable effect.
While almost never spotless the fresh and firm potato is easy to spot.
Please use your senses when deciding on you way of cooking and eating potatoes and let me know what's cooking.

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being sick is no fun, so I'm trying to get this cold go away

The Cold Report.
And the Tea Summary.

It doesn't feel like a cool thing to have although it's called a cold.
I have all the herbs that are created to combat this uncool thing. So far I've been making and drinking tea from this great plants, flowers, trees, etc: oregano, thyme, dill, cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, cardamon, eucalyptus, calendula, chamomile, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, rose hips, rooibos - red tea, eating garlic, onion and taking vitamins c, b, and stuff that makes milk become yogurt, it comes in capsules and powder - probiotic supplement aka multidophilus, fish oil and flax seed oil which are providing all kinds of omegas.
The sea salt throat rinse or gargle is in my plans.

I would say the thyme, oregano, calendula and eucalyptus is a good combination. I also like the chamomile and cinnamon together.
And some plain hot water in between the teas is a good thing too.

But I keep thinking about mucinex still and kind of ready to go try it out, would rather not use the chemical based substances. But I'm very close to giving that mucinex a try.
Will wait just a bit more.

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where the road goes somewhere.... Fashiontoast Rumi Neely

traveling with no luggage would be my idea of

the time well spent.

what would I wear? that is the thought I've been


the picture is of Rumi Neely from the Fashiontoast blog.

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red bed white towel. Thomas Dozol

everything goes together perfectly. the bed, the towel, the hair

and the undecorated walls.

the fresh and clean feeling can not escape the room.

photo from the bathroom portraits collection called Entre Temps.

french artist Thomas Dozol

what's here: bathroom, bedroom, photo shoot, Thomas Dozol, red, white