How to cashout. Is fanbox.com scam, spam, fraud or not? Do they pay for blogs? Questions, Answers.

How to cashout/cash out on fanbox?
Is fanbox.com a really paying site?
How to get cash from fanbox?
Is fanbox scam, fraud or do they pay real money for blogs?
Does fanbox pay cash and send you checks/cheques?
How can I get money from fanbox?
How do I get my money from this site?

All these questions and more are posted by people who are members/users of the fanbox.com
web site and all they want is to get the money that they think they earned by having a blog
or several blogs on fanbox.com that they write on. These blogs are a part of their fanbox.com account and a part of the fanbox web site and according to the fanbox promises that they prominently have published
right on their home page the fanbox will pay these bloggers for the time that other people spend
on visiting their blogs.

I have found a lot of complains all over the internet from different people that talk about
fanbox being a spam engine that sends people lots of emails trying to make them sign up
for a fanbox.com account. Apparently those emails don't give a clear explanation about
how they got the email address of the person receiving it nor do they have a clear statement
about how to stop those emailings.
The email addresses of those recipients made it on the fanbox.com email list when the
unsuspecting new users of the fanbox trustfully provided fanbox with the information necessary
to access their personal email address book and everyone of their friends and their brother
became a prospect for the fanbox.com email campaign.

So far no evidence has been found of any real fanbox.com member receiving any actual real payments
in the form of check/cheque or by any other means from the fanbox.com website. The customer service
representative in downtown San Diego, California readily explains that yes, all you have to do to start
earning money on the fanbox.com website is start a blog, add some content to it and you are on your way
to your first check from the fanbox. From the day you accumulate $25 on your account for the visits
to your blog you're just 75 days away from your first cashout request and the check should arrive
to your real mail box shortly after that.

On the fanbox.com web site however, I have not found any member that would say yes, I have received
the checks/cheques for my blogs and would show a clear way to the successful procedure of requesting a check.
Lots of members have well over $25 in fanbox money in their accounts and the blogger leader board
on the fanbox.com homepage shows earnings as high as $5000 and more while the site itself is well older
than 75 days with the paying blogging platform being in place for at least one year according to the words
of the customer service representative of the company.

The confused fanbox.com members questions about those unreceived promised payments are posted
all over the fanbox web site in their everyday communications through the friends walls, friends news feeds,
forums, pictures comments, comments on the forum posts or anywhere where it's possible to do so.

None of those posts received a helpful answer on the cash-out procedure from the fellow members/ users of the site or the fanbox support/ customer service department. The forum or help desk doesn't get much attention from anyone who works for the fanbox and should have the right information.
A few answers posted on the forum/ help desk by the moderators or fanbox employees are not at all useful to say the least, they consist vague meaningless statements repeated in slightly different ways with the same lack of real information with the addition of links to the same answerless forum/ help desk that they are posted on. Some of those links lead nowhere, they are simply broken.

So the questions about how to get money/ cash earned for blogs, how to request a check/ cheek, how to cashout on fanbox still have not been answered.

The fanbox.com is a social network site that receives well over 1,5 million views/visits a month with the
absolute majority of users located in the Mid. East and is owned by the company located in San Diego, CA.
The membership is free as well as an option of having more than one blog on the site with the potential
to earn money.
Other options that require a payment include various apps (applications) on the site and/or advertising
a user's blog for more exposure to other members on the fanbox.com web site.
Other names associated with the same company are sms.com, funbox.com, mobileguard.com.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am very impressed with your views but there is an problem to all of you who don't rely that Fanbox pays.
    I am in the top hundred earners around the world from Fabox.
    I have already earned $6000 from Fanbox. I have proof of it.
    There is an advice to all of please don't rely on those who don't believe that Fanbox pays. They are spreading their failures stories because they have not caliber, quality and confidence. They are the biggest loser of the world.
    So why do you believe on losers and why are you following them?
    Just believe on yourself and prove it that fanbox pays.
    Losers achieve only that which successor left.
    Just check out my profile and my earnings

    Lady Gaga..

    1. Hi I remember you ...but can you cash it out?? You can earn all day and night BUT can you grab the money...it all about getting your hopes up to making money...Good Luck..NO Cashouts for you my friend....good luck


    3. Betulll, aneh deh masak kita ngga ngapa=ngapain tau-tau dapet duit. Logikanya dia dapet darimana dokunya. Bikin blog , ngundang temen dan sebagainya mungkin layak dapet duit tapi dia bayar dari uang apa? jangan-jangan setelah ngeblog premium berbulan-bulan kita dapet tagihan yang sebesar earn yang kita dapet. ah gombal. Ini rasanya usaha nyari pengikut buat nyaingin facebook. tapi gak masuk akallah. kalo mlm kita harus tutup point dan beli barang seharga 4-5 kali lipat harga normal karena duitnya mau dibagi-bagi buat upline dan itu masuk akal meski menguras harta dan bikin sengsara. Ada bayaran ada pengorbanan. ngga ada pengorbanan coba jelaskan darimana fanbox bayar kita ? aneh bin ajaib.
      mungkin lebih baik ngga usah pake earning segala deh, murni bikin situs social kayak facebook hanya tambahkan fitur2 yang beda dari facebook, misalnya ngeblog dan appreciate blog yang lain. Bagusnya fanbox sih semua pada ngefan kita meski ngga kenal jadi membuat kita seperti punya banyak sahabat dan orang yang peduli sama kta dan pemikiran kita ,meski sebenarnya cuman supaya dapet duit dengan cepat.

      Bertobat deh fanbox ngga usah ngegombal bayarin segala. mending uangnya buat memperbaiki web anda yang lemot dan ngga automatic update dengan cepat.

      Hei jangan misuh misuh meski ngga suka dosa mas.

    4. Lol idiot
      Your a big loser
      there are not your real earnings deduct fees deduct ipl
      you have earnt nothing
      they fanbox earnings not yours
      successful people work out when they being conned


    6. your a fing liar ive made more then you havent seen a dime so stop with the lies fan box fag

    7. And the little girl waits! ... no show no goes @ Anonymous.

    8. The legit site who pays for viewing adds


    9. Fanbox i worked there it’s a real scam they owe me 4500 dollar but they did not give me my money as i was everyday claiming my money to them they were oblige to cancel my account. then asked me to create another account so that i work again with them what i have refused, i said them that you just show me how fanbox is a scam im not crazy again to waste my time creating post to make you rich. i invite every new users who just start with them please dont waste your time they wont never give you a penny of dollar that only a virtual money be aware to avoid johny cash and his ganster here is the message they sent to me two month before they cancel my account:

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    11. I have no account with Fanbox an no blog whatsoever and holala... I earned more than $5000 so far.
      Common guys.... That is clearly spam. Just give them your name and address.
      And about Lady Gaga? She or he is one of them (spammer)

    12. Then tell us howto cash outthe EARNINGS that fanbox issaying!

    13. How to cash out from fanbox

    14. The "Barry James" post is a scam widely posted on blogs under different names. How ironic, an article about a scam attracts another scam.

    15. Hey guys!
      In fact this website gaining billions from its members.
      There is not such thing.. They just want you to keep blogging because in their system them more you blog in the website the more you pay them 50 cent for each blog.
      The best thing to do is just move your messages to the junk mail and end this drama.
      If there is such thing then all people would be rich in a single day.

      Have a nice day

  2. @jiten,i am not in support of your comment.......the writer is not saying we should stop blogging with fanbox but rather talking about fanbox users complain.actually,it happen to me also.my earning was up to $300 ,i said to myself that me try and cash out weither this thing really works but to my suprise,i wait for person fanbox promised to process the payment,in nothing to show.And geting to my fanbox account,i discovered that the amount i requested to cash out is no more there.What will you call this,is not scam?

    1. me too im not support

    2. I do a paid for surveys site and I make around $300 a month. It won’t make you rich but it covers my electric and water bill lol. It’s really not hard. Here is the link check it out,

    3. The legit site who pays for viewing adds


    4. If it is not a Scam then why they are again and again asking for activation of account by paying them certain fee? Why don't they deduct it from the so called earnings of the member. It's a BIG BIG SCAM. Be aware of it.

  3. Jiten fuck you!!!!! I have many top performers friends from fanbox and still not being payed by those idiots.

    1. yep jiten is gay as fuck

    2. Fanbox never used to be a scam.
      but now it is since ipl has been introduced all fees involved
      by time you pay ipl back that you borrowed and deduct fees you have measly few dollars

    3. The legit site who pays for viewing adds


  4. I have been on FanBox- Fakebox since 2010 and been paid twice ....Its Smoke and Mirrors!! They pay you just to stay on when they pay you it takes 90 days to receive a payment. This is ran by petty women and a geek name Johnny Cash

    1. They changed there name ....they were sued they are even on TV for the same crap - Not paying people

      Its not a job or business its money laundering!

    2. Hmmm setuju Mas, iki pasti money laundry, jangan-jangan ini situs untuk cuci uang korupsi dan rampokan hehe

    3. Hello can you please invite me auteves27@yahoo.com

      Thank you.

    4. I already have $3277.59 in my fanbox. I wonder how to cash it oiut.

    5. I got close to $4000 in my fanbox a/c. I have asked to validate the account by giving my credit card details. Other I will lose the money. Should I give my credit card details?

    6. after reading this stuff? seriously???? dumbass!!! ya, give them your credit card details, for real??? i had never heard of fanbox until i started getting 2nd notices to secure my account. i never got a first one and i have had several 2nd ones. this notice informs me that i have earned over 17 hundred dollars. now, i know this cannot be true since i have never heard of them. you have no money through them, give them your info and your bank account will have no money either. not to be mean, but maybe you should have a trusted family member handle your money for you, you sound a little incompotent when it comes to money. i'm worried for you!

  5. Beware of scams ...
    Do not cheat anyone specially your loved ones...!
    Do not deceive your lovers...!
    Maintain Legitimate Love...

    Pl visit and add your comments:

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    1. i love u so much babe

    2. Yeah, visit this one too http://monthlyyouth.com/?ref=605239


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  7. I have been a member of FanBox for over a year, but I now believe it is a scam. Here’s why:

    A. The money that you earn on FanBox is not available to you for 90 days.

    B. The money that you owe them (interest fees, etc., see below), they want paid monthly with real money from your credit card or PayPal account, for example.

    C. To get you in that position, they set up a credit line for you and then charge whatever they wish to your credit line. The member is neither notified nor has control over the amount charged.

    D. The credit line program (called IPL – I’ll Pay Later) was described so obscurely as to hide its real nature. The implication was that it would increase your earnings a great deal and you’d pay a small amount for promotion. The cost and promotion, of course, could come out of your earnings. It was described as a complete win-win situation.

    E. Their charges, in my case, are only slightly below my earnings. By the time my earnings have matured, the amount owed could exceed the amount earned.

    Below is a more detailed account of my experiences with FanBox:

    I posted some blogs which earned me a small amount of money added to my FanBox account. Then when they started the IPL (I’ll Pay Later) program, in which they advance you money to promote your blogs, I signed up for it, as they said it would increase my earnings greatly. They did not, at that time, ask for a credit card number, or other financial information. However, there was a small startup fee which I paid using PayPal.

    Over the next three weeks my earnings rose to over $950 – added to my FanBox account. I was elated. However, a little later, I found that they had billed my IPL account for over $900. The charges were for” boosting” and “ads”, which are not detailed – and none of which were approved by me specifically.

    Basically, they gave me a credit line of over $2500 and then made charges (over which I had no knowledge or control) for their services.

    In their descriptions of their products and services, they word things in a very ambiguous way. They tend to tell what something does in terms of the benefits to you without describing exactly what it is and how it works.

    In their favor, they do allow members to “pause” their IPL program, which freezes both earnings and charges, except for the monthly interest fee. I put my IPL account on pause, hoping that I could cash out when my earnings had matured.

    They did not ask immediate payment, but they charged interest on the amount I owe to them, which is about $15.00 monthly.

    The problem is that they want that $15.00 paid with real money (not FanBox Funny Money) when it is due every month. I cannot pay them using the money I have earned on FanBox because that money does not “mature” for 90 days.

    Another problem is that when I tried to pay the monthly interest fee using PayPal, they asked for my PayPal password and other personal information, such as full address, social security number and date of birth.

    There have been a couple of postings on FanBox in which members have said that their account was hacked and they lost their earnings. Were that to happen to me, I would be obliged to pay the over $900 FanBox had advanced me for using their boosting and ad programs.

    As alluded to before, I had no control over the amount I was being charged, never saw an ad that I was paying for and had no clear idea of what “boosting” is.

    1. i felt sad for this... its a scam super really.. damn these fanfuckers... its not fanbox fanfucks it is

    2. Thank you very much for your effort and time . We all appreciated
      Apparently those are f.....king scams
      Thank you for warning the people

      For everyone here
      Any site want to give money the should only get the swift no. To give the money to the users . They should not get the card no. And password and steel your real money instead
      Thank you

    3. Thank you for your detailed sharing informations about your experience Anonymous Nov 9, 2012. Very much appreciated. I am given a final notice to update my account by giving: 1) my mobile number 2) my credit card details 3) my security answer

      And they told me that I will lose my account and what money I have amounting to $500 in total if I dont reply and update what they wanted above. Of course no one is fooolish enough to provide all those sensitive informations to people or company you are not very sure of. So, here I am making a research about FanBox of this world!!! Thank you you guys for sharing your blog that FanBox could be a scammer??? a big time scammber??

    4. jiten lady gaga are family or relatives of friends of fanbox employees.....only they earn and cash out....rest are all fools or being made fool

      johnny cash makes electronic money called IPL..if it was real it should have come to borrowers credit card account

      johnny has no federal permission to create such electronic money and this is a crime punishable with imprisonment

      they are clever they create fake money and charge real dollars on it..somebody should complain to police and federal banking authorities.

      their famil and friends become success coaches..all others are rejected.....these SCs earn money for doing nothing..on face of it they claim they have 1000s under them

      fanbox is a a sucking fraud

    5. The legit site who pays for viewing adds


    6. Thank you for warning stupid people!

  8. this was the ONLY post that made me NOT want to be on fanbox. I am in the same position, wondering if I should pay the $15 they are asking, in order to get my $1500 in my account. But.. why wont they just "take it from my account" doesn't make sense. Thank you, I wont be giving them my information

    1. Absolutely..!!! there is more than $1400 in my account,and i have about $1200 loan (IPL ) that i need to pay,but fanbox want real money,they refused when i pay them through money in my account. i didnt use IPL again but i still need to pay monthly fee and fine,. it's so ridiculous, no one will give you $ 1200 in cash and expects to take a $ 1400.including me, even though I have $ 1,400 in my account but I am not going to give them $ 1,200 in cash. They should accept my payment through money in my account thats more than $1200 in it WHY THEY WANT REAL MONEY???

  9. They are trying the same thing with me, I have a supposed $968 in my 'account' now they want a processing fee???

    Really, i have been talking to my 'mentor' who for some reason is getting involved. I have simply said that IF the money in my account is real take it out of that or when it 'matures' I will cash out minus the fee.

    She has more chance of sprouting wings and flying up her own arse than getting anything from me!


  10. Omg, fanbox is such BS. I am surprised that people fall for the oldest trick in the book. It reminds me of the old Amway gimmicks.

    Let me know if you need more proof..

    Aliah - PayPal

    Dave - PayPal & Check

    Jen - PayPal

    Candyz - PayPal

    Riza - Check

    Paula - PayPal

    Chriz - Check

    Erika - Check

    Arlene - Check

    Amit - Check

    Jenny Lee - Check

    Annette - Check

    Glenda - Check

    Sudha - PayPal & Check

    Katherine - Check

    1. Seems rather convenient that all 'check' payouts you've listed there were done for May 2011. I'm also surprised they would send check payments, as they're a US company, to places like the Philippines and Kuwait (prime locations for scammers I might add) which starts to ring alarm bells for me because it could take anywhere up to 28 days for said check to clear and can be stopped quite easily. It makes absolutely no sense why they would not just do a bank transfer.

      Some of those payouts you've listed there are quite simply text, easily fabricated. "Hey look I just received my first check". Yet there's no proof of any kind.

      The PayPal payments also look dodgy because the poster conveniently only blocks out everything up to the @gmail/@yahoo.com
      There's too much continuity and replication in all these payout posts. It's almost as if they're all told to do the same thing. You probably DO get paid for putting on a lie.

    2. It's there own web site with proof of earnings I could put up a website with anything on it Don't mean it's true

    3. Yes they your payments before they started the ipl
      and how much you invest in fanbox to make that I was with fanbox two years and it's a scam
      by time you pay back ipl and fees you have nothing
      so stop misguiding people to get in debt
      take all lies off here who supporting fanbox just so you can con people becoming your students so you can con them too

    4. Oh Sweet Baby CHRiZ, I was born way before you, definitely not in the last couple of days. You want to prove FanBox is not a scam by using links to FanBox pages? That's totally naive!

      But then again, maybe you best asset does not involve brain power or reasoning, i am sure that YOU'RE cashing in alright. Maybe in and out with johnny.

    5. i would bet fanbox dollars(lol) all those people listed above in your payout list, are part of the scam. they are probably the ONLY ones who get paid. i have never fallen for this because thankfully, i'm smart enough to know that you don't earn thousands of dollars from something you have never heard of until you get an e-mail saying you have earned all this money. come on people. smarten up!!!

  12. Beware of FanBox. Banbox.com is a fraud Website. I have better experience.

  13. Hi,

    I have an account on Fanbox,everyday I have been earning ;and few days earlier the website demanded my credit card number to secure my earnings. All the facts seem to me scam .

    1. Yes, it is a scam. Never give your credit card or any other personal info. Stay away - stay safe

    2. Mas Arif yang budiman mending jangan ngasih nomor credit card ke orang yang rumahnya aja kita ngga tau. Hacker mereka bisa nyedot dan bikin Anda jungkir balik kalo tau tiba2 ada tagihan 100 juta mendadak. Wes leren wae tinimbang kebacut. ganti info anda kalo perlu email itu dibuang aja.

  14. First, I want to ask some people who tell fanbox.com is spam, scam or fraud web.

    1. If FanBox indicates spam, scam or fraud web.
    Q = Why Paypal still not blocking their payment?.

    2. For anybody who's telling Fanbox is spam, scam or fraud. Why you don't report it to Internet Fraud Crime?. Proof it your evidence, your words if you think fanbox 've hurt you and all. Theres no cost for reporting it. But beware if you give they fake report.

    If your report proved that fanbox is deceiving you. They will investigate and shut fanbox website.

    If you cant proof it.. So you are just competitor who hate Fanbox.

    1. http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/fraud/internet_fraud
    2. http://www.fraudwatchers.org/
    3. http://www.interpol.int/Crime-areas/Financial-crime/Fraud
    4. http://www.sec.gov/complaint/select.shtml
    5. http://securingourecity.org/report-a-cybercrime
    6. Report to local police in your place. They will help you to contact division who handle cyber crime.

    Do you dare to prove?

    1. Son, learn a little bit of English and then you won't find yourself falling for such scams as fanbox in hopes of making a million but actually getting paid just a few cents a day.

    2. LMAO! @Anonymous.

    3. Lol
      Fanbox I was with two years it's a scam
      pay back ipl pay back fees you have nothing left
      people that support Fanbox are uneducated idiots!!!!

    4. LOL, I always love the new employees of FanBox, they are so dedicated, loyal, and will defend to the end. Give him a few weeks and he will be like the rest of the people that get scammed. I cashed out 2 months ago and am still waiting.

  15. Well i never signed in to be a fan box member and i keep on getting messages to pay money to secure my account and earning and trust me if i didn t sign in to this site and i didn t blog or make any activities and yet they keep sending me emails to pay them money, this definitly a scam and they want to take my money , a good scam is to convince you that you are making money from nothing , do they think people are idiots...I hope they catch them and take them to jail....

    1. Fanbox is on a mission to make every person that has an email address into a millionaire. And yeah, they find enough idiots to keep their business profitable.

      If you never registerd with fanbox, but still receive emails from fanbox and suspect that they have registered an account for you, there's only one way to delete that account:
      Log into your fanbox account and upload hardcore pornography (profile pictures etc.). Now go around the site, talk to some brainwashed troll women and comment on fanbox's official posts (written by their con artist named johnny cash). Spend sometime doing that and your account is guaranteed to be permanently deleted.

      If you try any other way to delete your account, for eg. by reaching out their customer service, they'll only put your account in hibernation, but never permanently delete it. You'll still keep getting scam emails and as soon as you click a link, your account will be activated.

  16. Fanbox is NOT scam...

    Fanbox is slick and there is a difference, i'll make a long story short, first you join or are tricked into joining, now nothing scam about that right? after all no one held a gun to your head and told you to join.

    Next the website shows you people who are "making money" from the leaderboard and also shows you what people are doing to make "money" so off you go to start your blog also, again nothing wrong with that right?

    Next you sit and wait then your first email comes saying you have earn some cash and now that gets your blood flowing so you feel good now the emails keep coming saying you earn more money and this continues for a a few weeks.

    Now like most human beings we start to make plans for this money after the "money matured" in 90 days, then you are sent an email to pay a processing fee of course you have to pay real hard cash b ut you have made so many plans for this that a few dollars in processing fee can't hurt but remember the money that you have "earned" is not real then you are left feeling like a loser.

    Lucky for me I knew that website was a joke from the start.

    1. Can you invite me auteves27@yahoo.com

    2. My foolish uncle got trapped in this scam and then leaked mine and several other people's email address to them. I knew the damn website was an outright scam so I never signed up, but fanbox while not even knowing my name and just with my email address is always spamming me rubbish about how I have thousand dollars in my account and how they would like me to secure this funny money by signing up.

      The strangest thing I am yet to figure out is why has this scam not been shutdown by FBI or another agency. Are people not filing complaints at their local police stations or are there too many gullible fools in places like Middle East using these sites, so much so that they cannot file a complain to a local authority for there is no such authority to be found in the Middle East, as the despots their are not about law and order.

      Oh well! People do not get that there is no easy way to make money but millions of easy ways to lose money.

    3. most of these scams are FROM the middle east and the money they are getting is from americans.6 years ago, all my e-mail contacts got an e-mail, supposedly from me, saying" i write this with tears in my eyes. i'm stuck in egypt, my money is stolen, my e-mail address is stolen, this and that and the other." bottom line, send money in a way that nobody will know. i had to have my kid fix it so i could sign in to my own e-mail because they changed my password. i was devastated when it happened because my mom was dying, it was the end, and i had alot of stuff on there from her that i did not want to lose. i thought that my account was just gone but thankfully, it was just the password. it also went to a highend place where i had applied for a job. i thought, great, now they think i'm trying to extort money!!! i was pretty new to the computer. a friend assured me that they wouldn't think that because it happens all the time. i've gotten them as well, now, after several years of being on. just know not to send money to anyone, unless you know them or are ordering from a well known place. these people tried me too, but i know better. how in hell would i have a couple thousand dollars laying around some place i have never heard of before? doesn't happen. don't be so daft! that's how these people get filthy rich, on your stupidity or need or whatever you want to call it!!! get smart!

    4. This is a damn intelligent SCAM. Now they have system controlled IPL SCAM. If you switch IPL off, you cannot cash out, if you switch on, it will boost any number of amount. If you write to FanBox support, they will ask you to post photos, write blogs & sell products. Which means that they tell you that you can make more money doing that. Yes, you make more earnings on that, but the end of the day all that money is taken from you through IPL scam. So you will have to pay IPL fee (hard cash) for using their virtual money called IPL. This is a big scam! FanBox is a very big scam! I wonder why Fraud organizations not taking any action yet! Years back I have put my own cash when there was no IPL compulsory & calculated that I would really make some profit, but later they made IPL compulsory & blocked my cash (about $2k), 2 years passed but still the cash it stuck up there.

  17. I am terminate my fanbox account now 2/8/13 after reading this blog

  18. How on this planet anybody gives you free money? One day I received an email from fanbox dot com saying that I have earned $3.60. How I earned that amount? It says one of my friend did invited me at the time beta lunch of IPL program of this site. I have totally no communication with this friend. I have no idea how he invited me to this site.

    After some time money started to grow. It was growing by boosting, which I never did.

    When the money reached over $100, one super coach came, introduced herself, and welcomed me.

    Next week she send me a urgent email saying that my profile is incomplete, and I should complete as fast as possible to save my account from hackers.

    There is a secret question, credit card verification, and mobile phone number.

    There was money available to advertise through IPL. IPL means I will pay later after I my money matures.

    Up to this time, it is ok. You are earning every day. How you are earning? Only Heaven know.

    Than comes the axe, either complete your profile or your account will be blocked. Completing profile means giving access to your credit card or PayPal account.

    I am waiting my free lunch (free money) stop to flow. There is no way to know, doing nothing but earning money.

    Do anyone knows relation between yahoomail and fanbox?

  19. Its a scam now don't waste your time in fanbox they change rules every month and the members ending up earn nothing at all ...especially the IPL (I'll pay later) works just like credit card/ use it and pay charge monthy , all are bullshits...they will make you pay the credit and use it until you earn much and much and equal to all you have gained during IPL they will ask a monthy payment which is processing fee off IPL....

    In the event you will not able to pay you monthly due they will deactivate your account and can't get back everything you spent before and all that you have invested...

    they are cleaver that they change rules monthly in order to mislead the members, we have all wasted a lot of time their ...and now i am done with them...it's a SCAM!!!!

  20. I'm from the Philippines and I have met a lot of their brainwashed members promoting fanbox on our local online forums like its the holy grail of making money online. I pity the people who get sucked into it. Especially those who took loans just to pay the ridiculous charges hoping they'll receive the money they thought they earned.

  21. Thanks to all who gave their time explaining what they have experienced on fanbox. I received 2 courtesy notices which nearly prompted me to sign in my paypal account in fanbox, communicated with my success coach several times on how my hubby who rarely goes online but not on fanbox, no blog on fanbox have earned and boosted daily. The answers of my success coach were vague-- a churned out words of what were stated in fanbox about boosting, ads, etc.
    Today, I decided to complete my security account (because my processing fee payment of 2.52$ was due on mar. 6 and gave me extended time til mar.16 or else wl have to pay 15$ from then on) but I stopped. I researched "Is fanbox scam" and landed on this site.
    In my 4 years in fanbox- I wrote 1 article a year after i joined, forgot fanbox, and by december last year, i ws surprised to see emails of fanbox earnings. I signed in to fanbox, failed few times because I forgot the password. Then succeed at last, then upon seeing earnings, I added 1 article, and from then on I ddnt knw how i got earnings from boosting.
    Reasons why fanbox is scam for me:
    1. Earnings and Boosting-Besides my hubby and his friend, I see names with ZERO BLOG in my fanbox account who earned and boosted.
    2. Security account- I can't trust when they ask me for it and keeping on reminding me to complete it so that my account won't be hacked.
    3. Fanbox rules that may change monthly.
    By the way, when i started out in fanbox 4 yrs ago, it is not a blogging site yet- it's chock full of slut profile pics.

  22. i'm currently a member of this
    yes i'm earning but i'm not doing anything
    i already have 470dollars still increasing but who cares
    they're still sending me emails but i'm tiresd of reading them

  23. hi my name is bright and i just spoke with one of the most successful woman on fanbox and here is her reply

    Bright, Yes, I can assure FanBox is real and not a scam! Some people have asked me how I made so much money in such a short length of time (over $17,000 in 8 months and climbing) and if, in fact, I had a secret? Yes, indeed there is a secret. The only secret I know and am in possession of: it's unadulterated passion! You must be passionate about what you are going to offer the community. IF you have read any of my blogs, you will see that I am thoroughly vested in the Esoteric Arts and Sciences. Following Passion is dedication and commitment; you must be willing to dedicate yourself for a few hours a day on FanBox. Next, you must believe in what you do. Meaning: you have to WANT to share something of yourself , whether that be in the way of blogs, products and services, C&R, (categorizing and rating) other people's posts, Boosting (investing) or writing ad, yours or someone else’s. FanBox is about finding, exposing and sharing your talent. Yes, talent. It’s the hidden part of you that has not yet been expressed in other ways that needs to be shared.
    So, you want to know IF I have a proven method. Yes, I do have a verifiably profitable method, I use. IF you are interested and inclined, I suggest that you write or find at least 3 articles on subjects that you are truly interested in sharing, as blogs, each day. (Total 90 blogs in a month) In the beginning, I posted 10-15. No need for you to do that, though. Place an ad value of $3.00 on each ad, and 45 cents click rate. C&R at least 500 points, working up to a 1000 a day; do not get lazy. IF it’s going to work, you’ve got to work it! Do this every day since it increases your amount of IPL funds with which you make more money.
    I will tell you something right here and now, IF you are going to make a lot of money on FanBox you must think like a rich man. No poverty consciousness will do. Every rich person has two laws they operate from and depend upon without fail! Brand these two top-secrets into your memory like a mantra: Use OPL [Other people’s Money] and use THAT money to make money.
    Don’t be afraid to use the IPL funds; and, pay the small processing fee on time.
    Remember: You must give your ads time to earn you money! You would not expect a green salesman to make sale after sale until he has become seasoned and skilled. Your ads are timid, shy and uncertain right now but will become strong, sure and forceful in time. You are NOT going to see an immediate return like you do with guaranteed boosting. The ads you run will pay off but you must give them time to scout for increments of added attracted cash to bring home to you. Also, don’t forget, with the C&R, you will also earn additional ad credits (which convert into more cash).
    Boost, at least, $10.00 a day every day choosing the ‘I want FanBox to Choose For me” option. And, then “Advanced” option is the one you want! From there you will choose five people you want to boost, including yourself. Do NOT take down your ads. After a month, the amounts can be increased, should you decide. Of course, the more you learn more about the system, you will build your own method of play. Regarding Boosting: like the articles you post, and ads you create, you must believe in the people you Boost, enough to invest in them. Yes, it will take reading what they submit to decide.
    This brings me to the next ‘new’ feature added to the FanBox community! We are now able to pay our IPL processing fees by purchasing products and services from each other. That’s right! Simply by our purchasing any product and/or service form the FanBox list of P&S items for sale, 33 % of the purchase price goes right back into our FanBox Balance account which can be used to pay outstanding IPL processing fees once the money matures 90 days. Isn’t that simply marvelous?
    Have you visited the Learning Center? There are some marvelous videos located there that can really help you.
    If you have any other questions, let me know.

    1. Hello, can you please invite me to fanbox? Email to auteves27@yahoo.com


    2. ahahahahahhaahhahahhaahahahahahahah

      All are lies
      I have al ready claim that site .......!!!!
      If you want money get a serious work.
      Come on...
      who is gona pay you for a copy paste or looking ads????
      You dont need any invitation!!!! hahahhahaahahaah
      just login and you find out a lot of things!!!
      Have a good work there !!!

    3. Bright enough to know that All Day is a FanBox affiliate or ringer. So what is the suggestion? (1) use FanBox ads....pay. (2) Use FanBox IPL.....pay. (3) Be sure you did #1 and #2 then use FanBox earnings from 3 months ago to pay. (4) Buy stuff (pay) and watch your balance grow.

      OK, pay for 3 months to get to that initial balance, but wait, there have been fees assessed against that amount and anything else you've earned is not available yet, but don't forget to pay!

      Notice Bright All Day never said what they earned either. then the final slap - go watch these sales pitch videos praising FanBox.

      I'll let you know All Day.

    4. never heard of them until a SECOND (not 1st) notice telling me to secure my 17 hundred some odd dollars that i had already earned in my account. WHAT!!! i have 17 hundred dollars??? sure could use that!!! now, doesn't everybody know that just because it's on the internet, doesn't mean it's true!!! if alot of money is going to come your way, it won't be like that, from an unheard of website claiming to have all this money you have EARNED. earned how? never heard of you so obviously it's a #%$&*$#!!!! thank the good Lord mama and daddy didn't raise no fool!!!!!!!

  24. I think this is interesting and I'm invited too but I didn't joined right away.

  25. I started with Fanbox when it was still merely a social Networking site, long before I joined Facebook, but I lost interest around the time the "paid for blogging" thing started.

    I got another e-mail a week or so ago - I guess as part of a campaign to reel in former users, and had a little look around. Suddenly, without doing much - I haven't even done a blog there - I find I am "earning" money, according the e-mails I have started getting....

    ... but I shall leave it there. I have no desire to get caught in this trap again. I was involved with BuxTo a few years ago, and I "earned" a lot of money with them, but I started to realise that after several months, long after I should have been paid, nothing happened, and it was time to move on.

    Fact is, you don't get money for nothing. It's sad that with many countries - like here in the UK - so many are out of work, and struggling to pay bills, that sites like this keep springing up....

    ... and I suggest you ignore any comments from people saying "Well, I have been paid". If people have accumulated earnings on a site, have been told that they will receive the money after a certain period, and have not broken any Terms and Conditions, why have they still not been paid, and why would they say that they hadn't been paid ?

    Avoid like the plague I say.

  26. @Anonymous July17- I guess as part of a campaign
    to reel in former users, and had a
    little look around. Suddenly, without
    doing much - I haven't even done a
    blog there - I find I am "earning"
    money, according the e-mails I have
    started getting....
    ... but I shall leave it there. I have no
    desire to get caught in this trap
    I was surprised too. I havnt checkd d website for d past 1yr+ and when i reunited back wt my old e-mail(d one is used for them) some weeks back, i found lots of their mails wt staggering amount of Dollars - even without doing nothing, not a single blog. I had to laugh.
    Guys this is a real "Fool's GOLD".

  27. I never sighed up for this and they say I owe money how do I opt out for something that I did not order

    1. laugh at them, you owe them NOTHING!! tell them to sue you, you'll probably never hear from them again. if you do, tell them to sue you. believe me, they don't want to be exposed like that, they'll leave you alone!

    WARNING: FanBox is an experimental site as indicated by the word "Alpha" that appears under the FanBox logo at the top left of this web page. This means that its content and functionality is changing daily.
    Please use FanBox for entertainment purposes only. In particular, your use of FanBox may never materialize or result in any direct or implied benefit. Any content, Earnings, time, payments, and relationships associated with your use of FanBox may be subject to modification or termination as described in the FanBox terms below.
    If you wish to use FanBox at a time when we can provide more certainty in any aspect of the site or its services, please check back for updates as FanBox continues to progress and mature.
    As if that weren't enough to scare you away: Proceed at your own caution as you may lose time, money, friends, and potentially even your first-born child. Just kidding about your first born. Although as you can see, our lawyers want us to make it clear that you should not use FanBox and come back later if you are uncomfortable with FanBox's current experimental status.

    1. Yes!!!!This was fun. Nice meeting you all. Time to go another social network...like "FB". Have fun!

  29. Fanbox is real, it is one of the best opportunities to make some money. But you have to learn and follow your balance and the system how it works. The problem is that most people now (As I did) start with IPL and one or more ADS running (THIS IS A BIG TRICK to get people starting wrong!!!! and that is the ground reason why there are so many complaints). FIRST you stop and remove all your IPL (loan) boosting and Ads, if your are unlucky you have to pay off your debt it will take some months. If you do not know the system DO NOT USE IPL by BOOSTINGS, ADVERTISING and buying POWER LEVEL, this COSTS real MONEY! PLS DO NOT USE if you do NOT KNOW the system. Try to build a fan and friendbase first. This will be key to you succes. Do NOT clicker the click, do not write useless comments if you do not know the system, it is a WASTE OF TIME!
    Try to learn the system step by step. My second tip: Post everyday something you are specialized in or use particular news from the internet. Upload every day 1 to 3 good interresting photo's. See what is happening in your balance. YOU WILL EARN MONEY from the pool and people who do not want to learn the system. I earned in 6 month an net average 100$ with just playing around, I have been number 1 on the leaderboard in Indonesia and number 99 worldwide in 3 month. TAKE YOUR time to learn! Payments can occur after 5 to 9 month depending how you started (most have to pay their IPL debt first, that is the reason why they not get paid).
    I am not very happy with FanBox, did cost me a lot of time to analyze.
    There is a lot of BS from (senators (are fb paid!)and (fake?) coaches and some (fake?) members hard supporting FB. Most are not honest giving REAL personal earning information and costs, not answering hard questions. And some even INTIMIDATING! I have been kicked out the system because the Monitoring system seems to judge me as a computer? FanBox management does not like hard questions and remarks! The JC credo is: IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL! sounds familiar? The designed workings of software (functions) is crap or not user transparant like more of the FanBox workings and provided information.! There is TO MUCH HIDDEN for starters!

      Look my friend stop the shit!!!!
      I was success coach.....too
      You will loose money...
      hahahahahahah you are Ρ Ι Φ Ι .!!!!

    2. Great Post, Indeed the Fanbox makes people believe that making money from online is really easy and sweat as a cup of tea but you revealed thruth.
      Nice post thumbs up.

  30. You're full of it. it's a scam from the start, and I'm going through Paypal of getting my money back...

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I agree after reading the inflammatory reports of this site ive deleted my account ask paypal to refund my money! It is a scam

    2. This is Lucy Fer, one of the most controversial names in FanBox, and one of the bloggers there. Hi there JoLynn (*waves*).

      I stopped reading this forum when I came across Ms.Potocki's comment here. Now I am certain that Fanbox is a scam. Coming from an ex-Success Coach, what else could be more credible?

      By the way, 2 months ago (before I've read this forum) I got an email from Fanbox saying that I have earned $934 that will go straight to my Paypal "in 90 days". I took a chance, and typed in my Paypal email.

      Good thing I am using a prepaid card in that Paypal account with only $4 in it.

      The next day when I checked my [prepaid] card, the balance went to $0.

  32. How do I make it STOP!!!

  33. avoid avoid S P A M .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was there for 6 months!!!!hopping that i will earn something!!!hahahahahahahahahhah
    Lets say i gave them money...!
    I didnt get one cent!!!!!!
    All are lies !!!do not believe them.hahahahahahah, Just remember!!! Who is going to pay you for a copy -paste an article ????
    oh i forget....
    You have to see a lot of ads every day and you will receive 1 cent.

  34. Fanbox is not a scam!! Here is a link of PROOF OF CASH OUTS!!


  35. I noticed one thing that gave me a red flag right away : was the amount of Arab and Indian names on the list. Something not right here. I wouldn't trust it as far as i can through it
    Nothing against Arab and Indians I like them, but their ETHICS in their country are not in OUR best interests. Remember : Do Unto Others a you would have them do to YOU" is a Christian belief. Their allegiance is to ALLAH, not YOU. He comes first always. They don't care about YOU, your western ways, beliefs, nothing. They don't even like you and would kill their own daughter if she was to adapt a liking or lifestyle of the west. Why would they want us westerners to make money?

    1. Buddy, "Do onto others " is a Catholic system, many other Christians do not abide by.

      Also, your not really sure what Muslims believe because your being bombarded by the Fundamentalist types of Muslims that don't represent their religion. It would be like judging all Christians as being like Jimmy Swaggert or something....he doesn't represent!

      Now, I'm not saying that it is very difficult to deal with this kind of cultural difference. But then again, you don't exactly follow a Catholic way and apparently we're both Christians. Maybe judging others in a personal way is part of your Christianity, at which point I wish you weren't associated with decent Christians in any way because you are acting in an Arab way.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I wonder if she's been threatened or paid by FanBox to remove her very enlightening commentary.

  37. Just closed my Account after a year of charges and no profit!!!

  38. When will people ever learn that there's no such thing as a free lunch with setups like this? Nobody makes money without some sort of payback in time, effort or investment. If it looks too good to be true, then be assured - it is! Delete the emails and get on with making a proper living instead of banking on non-existent miracle schemes.

  39. Fanbox is a scam and the fees are all you pay with nothing in return! So dont be fooled.success coach only reminds you of what you owe ive been a member two years and received no check so it is the most confusing site ever and a. Clever way to steal money bravo!

  40. Totally Scam cheating with innocent peoples don't try guys.
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  41. I'm just started Fanbox few weeks ago. I have earning for around $50 eventhough I don't do anything yet. It makes me confuse as some reviews said it's legit and other said it's a big scam


    Friend I have a fanbox auto worker full vershion Software

    you can do under those work by my software

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    Software price only : 50$

    Interested person message me

    on facebook or Skype: fanboxbd

    Payment : Paypal /Okpay / moneybookers

    1. Note to Americans: if the sandigger doesn't know where to put the dollar sign, maybe this is a bad omen, avoid at all costs. In fact, tell him to stick it in his dick so it comes up full of the same shit he's trying to sell you! You hearing this fanboxbd, I see that your command of the English language is existant-non

  43. I am in fanbox dince a few years. I do not remember what I wrote in my blog? I never visited my blog. I forgot my user name and password. Still I am receiving mails from fanbox, stating I earned 1500 usd. How? I think fanbox iş fake

  44. For anyone & Everyone who might be wondering IF FanBox IPL. (I'll Pay Later), & or "Earnings" is a SCAM or Legit, let me answer that question right now. FanBox "Earnings", & IPL is 100% SCAM!!!!!

    How do I know this?

    Because I have been a Member on that site for approx. 8 months now. I have Dutifully paid my Stupid (SCAM) "IPL-fees" each & every month (until now). I supposedly have some $4000+ in "Earnings" & at least $1500 which should be available for "Cash-out" ( at this moment); yet everything I have tried or done FanBox has given me Bogus excuses for NOT allowing me to "Cash-out" anything!!!!

    Plus I have found an entire LONG page of listings of individuals such as myself on FanBox with EXACTLY the same issues & problems!!!

    Bottom line FanBox "IPL" & "Earnings" is one BIG SCAM...!!!!

    In fact I am currently planning a Class-Action Lawsuit against Fanbox. If you're interested in getting in on this please let me know. Thanks, Leo

    1. Great Post, Indeed the Fanbox makes people believe that making money from online is really easy and sweat as a cup of tea but you revealed thruth.
      Nice post thumbs up.


  45. So far I have received a Unicorn, a Dinosaur I thought extinct, a new leg, and my hair has grown back, and also best of all a recipe for Pumpkin Pie the like of which I have never tasted. Fanbox have sent me almost 3550 Spanish Doubloons and a berth on Christopher Columbus's voyage to America.

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. oh no, I'm can't payment by lagaxy :((

  48. ohhh lord.....thanks for your post.....I'm a victim from funbox.......i was hoping to get some money from them....so i hallowed them to charge my credit card 350 dollers in real money and they did...all of a sudden they started charging for blogs and adds a did not request.....i tryed to cash out my 2500 dollers funbox balance.... ans since 2010 my account still not mature......my cash out money still on cero 0 dollers..... wow!!! they got me man i was stupid to fall into this.........i thought paying them this money i get some good money back to pay my bills....but hey nothing......

    my account used to increase in funbox dollers buy the day......but since i paid 350 dollers...i barely get a message from them if they are note charging some fee.......i really thought it was a real money......but i will said this guys are good and dont think your smart enough to get their money....they wille get yours.....i will hope my bank will get me my money back since i will clame this wonderful scam

  49. Are you are looking for a loan of any kind, in order to solve your financial instability? We wish to inform you that we are here to help you in any way financialy. Please E-mail us today to get your emergency loan at an interest rate of 2%.
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  50. Guys i am sorry about the people who were ditched , but my self i live to play with them , Some time giving them imaginary card number & giving them misleading info , its really fun, i also would like every one to do them same for their irritation. Me and my friends compete on the money as score money in GTA series not actual one. Now i am third with 1400$+ score wile the first among us is 2100$+ score i think i can beat him.

    Play it as an online game take money as score figures and u will enjoy

    1. Typical sandigger (or just swap the d and the n)

  51. It is advised to check for the authenticity of the site and ask people if what they claim is for real. If the promises sound too good they probably are scams. Beware of sharing your credit card number with them. They will trick you psychologically, so better get a knowledge about latest scam activities in the world.

  52. I join this site before 15 days ago. Kindly guide me that ''I delete my account from this website or not''???

  53. I really thinks this fanbox is a scam site because you earn but cannot cash out.
    real fake and scam don't visit that site anymore until they send your cheques.
    I have earned $3,070 yet i cannot cash out.
    Is a SCAM!!

  54. Fanbox is really scam & fraud. I am one of the millions fanbox fictim. Fanbox charge to my paypal account without permission.
    After that: I can not enter to my fanbox account. Fanbox say "wrong password". I click the "Forget password" than I enter my email, till now no replay from fanbox.

  55. if they want to help other people they wont ask u to pay anything..since your working in your account in sharing , posting etc. ur the one who work for it so you need a salary right? thats the money posted in your account so u must not pay anything since your the one who work for it..if any site asking oyu to pay money even 1 dollar thats a scam..as you notice in promos, contest etc. they will give you the money tax free.. so why fanbox asking for money?

  56. if this is for real why they are asking for money? if you won in any contest or promos why they give you your cash or gifts without asking money? it means that fanbox is a scam... certified a scam if they really make people money why its not flash on television?. why is it not famous till now if they give money in an easy way? why there are some bad experience dealing with fanbox? if this is for real i know it will flash on tv, internet, magazine, newspaper, and it will scream on the radio... and it will be famous on all the people in the world.. all people needs money so if you are truly winner in fanbox or if they were true that they are giving away those money then i know all of the peple will have their account right away..

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    1. No legitimate loan company uses a yahoo email. more spam.

    2. Another sandigger running a screwed up scam in broken English. Swap the "N" and the "D" you sorry douche.

    3. i call bullshit on these loan comments too. who loans money through formats such as this??? nobody but another scammer. go put your legs above your head and eat yourself.SCAMMERS!!!!

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