Can you eat potato skin? Not if you want to skip the vitamins.

There is only so many choices: yes no never always.

Some people never eat potato skin.
Some people always eat potato skin.
I like to eat potato skin so I did a little reading and researching and found plenty of positive answers, supportive evidence and a lot of opinions that yes in fact you can, and actually should, eat that skin of the tater and not question your desires.

So to start I scrub the potato with a brush that I have for fruit and veggie washing purposes and make it real clean, the very thin top layer of the skin gets washed off with this technique and the potato looks much lighter after that and kinda says: now I'm clean, please enjoy your cooking.
After that I cut it into cubes or slices depending on my current artistic taste and just boil it till it gets ready and soft.
I also like to cook potatoes together with yam and or carrots, it then becomes pleasantly sweetened by those orange pals and perfect in it's basic nature.
Once done, I just eat it straight like that or if in the mood for complexity, mix it with pretty much anything that comes to mind and out of my fridge.

The skin of potatoes evidently contains lots of nutrients/phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals well alone with pesticides if not organic but scrubbing with a brush helps to remove the very outer layer of the skin leaving the rest of it in place.
Of course I think organic is better but sometimes I even use potato with the skin if it happens to be not organic, it should be brushed harder though to remove most of the top layer, and in any case I would remove any imperfections from the potato or the potato skin.

I eat it raw sometimes, without the skin as I'm not sure on the toxicity subject of this matter, and not in considerable amounts, more like just a snack. Although it's probably also OK, I just stick to the very small snack portions if eating raw potatoes on a rare occasion.

If the potatoes are kept for too long and exposed to light they may sprout or turn green. That makes them not suitable for eating due to the toxic qualities of the potatoes in that state of being. Also the little spots called potato eyes should not be eaten for the same toxicity concern. Although it probably takes a large amount of those to produce a noticeable effect.
While almost never spotless the fresh and firm potato is easy to spot.
Please use your senses when deciding on you way of cooking and eating potatoes and let me know what's cooking.

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