Can you kiss on a first date? Or should you wait and wait? Girls and boys little question almost solved.

Is it really a small question or a big one?
Can you kiss a girl or a woman on a first date. Can you kiss a boy or
a man on a first date?

You can of course, if no other option is an option.
You can kiss if you must, but you may also go on a second date first
and on a third date second...

A lot of people kiss on a first date and a lot of people would want to
kiss on a first date. Sometimes people don't kiss on a first date
because they are not sure if the other person wants to do it also,
and sometimes they think it's not a proper behavior but they are not
sure why.

There are emotional and physical reasons why you may decide not to
kiss on the first date. One of the reasons may be that you don't know
if the other person can fulfill your expectations of being a good
friend / girlfriend / boyfriend / or a partner and you don't want to
be disappointed if you discover that he or she can not after you
kiss, because kissing means to you that you are friends or partners.

Another reason is that if you don't know the person too well you may
not even know if he or she has a cold and you may catch a bug.

So if you think you should kiss on a first date you should try and
discover it for yourself, or you may as I said in the beginning try to
go on a second date first...

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